New York State Administrative Law Judges Association

Why NYSALJA Cannot Help You

Occasionally, we’re contacted by people looking for information about a case, a hearing officer, or about filing a complaint.

We’re a private group whose mission is to advocate for improvements in administrative law.

We’re not a New York State department or agency.
We don’t address grievances or complaints.
We can’t put you in touch with government employees.
We can’t help you obtain your file or information about a case.

So, if you have a question about an agency or another association, you’ll need to contact it directly.

While we understand you may not know where to look and may even be frustrated, with apologies we are unable to provide contact information or guidance.

Current Officers

Hon. Raymond Kramer


Hon. Neil Tolciss
President Elect


Hon. Emily Georgiades
Vice President


Hon. Anne W. Murphy


Hon. Sallie A. Farrow


Hon. Edward R. Mevec
Immediate Past President

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