New York State Administrative Law Judges Association

James T. McClymonds

Message to Membership and Annual Report

TO: Members of the New York State Administrative  Law Judges Association (NYSALJA)

Dear NYSALJA Members:

As I write this — in a few short hours — the Honorable Ruth Kraft will assume the role of President of our association, the members will elect a slate of new officers, and I will begin my role as Immediate Past President.

In scanning the NYSALJA by-laws to learn the specific duties of the Immediate Past President, I happened to notice that among the duties of the President is the distribution of an annual report to the general membership.  Continue reading

NAALJ-FALJC 2012 Conference Grant Winners

I am happy to announce the winners of the NAALJ-FALJC 2012 Conference grants.

By random drawing, the winners are:

NAALJ/NYSALJA Jointly-sponsored registration fee waiver and grant: Hon. Eric Zaidins

Two NYSALJA grants: Hon. Ruth Kraft and Hon. David Lenihan

Congratulations to the winners. Thank you to all that applied. Enjoy the conference.

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Current Officers

Hon. Raymond Kramer


Hon. Neil Tolciss
President Elect


Hon. Joan Saltzman
Vice President


Hon. Anne W. Murphy


Hon. Sallie A. Farrow


Hon. Edward R. Mevec
Immediate Past President

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