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Conference Grant Awards

The National Association of Administrative Law Judiciary (NAALJ) holds two conferences per year: an annual meeting and conference and a mid-year seminar. Both offer CLE credit to attendees and the conference locations are announced on the NAALJ website.

In addition to sponsoring the conferences, NAALJ offers “Affiliate Challenge Grants“. Each NAALJ state affiliate may choose a member to attend the annual meeting and conference. The grant covers the registration fee and the recipient will also be awarded a check for $500 during the conference to help defray expenses. State affiliate organizations are challenged to reimburse the recipient for all or a portion of the remaining expenses. Members receive discounts on fees for midyear seminars on topics of interest to administrative adjudicators.

NYSALJA offers a $500 per person grant for the annual and mid-year conferences each.

Prior to the conferences, NAALJ will make an announcement regarding the Challenge Grant. NYSALJA will publish information about the grant period and, at the close of the application period, the NYS winners, on this web site and via an email broadcast to all members in good standing.

Grant recipients must meet the following criteria:

  1. the recipient must be a current paid member of NYSALJA;
  2. the recipient must register for and attend the meeting and conference for which s/he is applying; and
  3. the recipient must not have received a grant from NYSALJA or NAALJ in the last three years.

The following NYSALJA members have won grants from NAALJ and NYSALJA in the last three years:

Year Event Sponsor Member Recipient
2013 Annual Conference (Chicago, IL) Joint NAALJ / NYSALJA TBA
Annual Conference (Chicago, IL) NYSALJA TBA
Mid-Year Seminar (Williamsburg, VA) NYSALJA Hon. Jake Weintraub
2012 Annual Conference (New Orleans, LA) NAALJ-FALJC / NYSALJA1 Hon. Eric Zaidins
Annual Conference (New Orleans, LA) NYSALJA Hon. Ruth Kraft
Annual Conference (New Orleans, LA) NYSALJA Hon. David Lenihan
Mid-Year Seminar (Reno, NV) NYSALJA No Grant Awarded
2011 Annual Conference (Santa Fe, NM) Joint NAALJ / NYSALJA Hon. Catherine M. Bennett
Annual Conference (Santa Fe, NM) NYSALJA Hon. Christine C. Traskos
Midyear Seminar: Atlanta NYSALJA Hon. Marc Zylberberg
2010 Annual Seminar: Malibu Joint NAALJ / NYSALJA Hon. Christopher Stephens
Annual Seminar: Malibu NYSALJA Hon. Sean Gralton
1Jointly Sponsored by NAALJ, the Federal Administrative Law Judges Conference and NYSALJA.

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