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Established in 1976, the New York State Administrative Law Judges Association (NYSALJA) is a state affiliate chapter of the National Association of Administrative Law Judiciary (NAALJ). Our mission is to advocate and to advance the highest standards of neutrality and fairness among administrative law judges in the hearing and decision making process and to avoid any form of bias or discrimination. The objectives of the NYSALJA include promoting and advocating for improvements in the administrative process and procedures together with studying and comparing administrative law and practice in New York and other jurisdictions.

For more information you may contact Anne Murphy, Treasurer or Ruth Kraft, President.

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2014 New Member iPod Shuffle Winner

September 11, 2014 by · Comments Off
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winnerThis year’s new member and winner of the drawing for a new Apple 2GB iPod Shuffle is Donna Marinacci, an ALJ with the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles.

Congratulations to Judge Marinacci and a warm welcome to all our new members!

Courts & Increasing Interpreter Costs

June 15, 2014 by · Comments Off
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In today’s New York Times, a fascinating article on the budget crises many states are facing over climbing demand for court interpreters. Can NY be far behind? NYTimes.com – As the Demand for Court Interpreters Climbs, State Budget Conflicts Grow as Well.

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